About Me

Looking for a an opportunity for 2022 as a Data Scientist | Machine Learning Engineer

Data scientist with a MS in Data Science (December 2021) and a MS in Physics (2020) from Brown University.

I am passionate about applying my data science skills to provide business insights and help solve real-world problems. My coursework in the academy covers the topic of deep learning, machine learning, statistics, regression analysis, artificial intelligence, and data society.

I have industrial working experiences as an AI/ML researcher, working on machine performance prediction and monitoring projects, and I am also a research assistant in healthcare field at Brown University cooperate with oncology department.

I also have a blog where I write about the techs I use on my free time. Check it out!

Feel free to email me if you want to chat! 😀

My Skillset


My favorite programming language!


Deep interest in maths!
Regression analysis | Programming in R

Data Analysis & Visualization

NumPy | Pandas
Matplotlib | Seaborn | Tableau

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Sciki-learn | PyShark | MapReduce
Keras | Tensorflow


PostgreSQL | MySQL | Neo4j


Physics | Chemistry | Mechanics

Cloud solutions

AWS RDS | AWS S3 | Firebase | GCP | Apache Kafka


Currently learning about it!
Django | Django REST